"Van Aalst Pigeons"


Our Stock and lines , are  a combination of birds from some of the very Best lofts in Australia and Europe today.. 

We are a racing loft so our birds are proven by us.."Van Aalst Lofts" I have created by my pursuit of the very best.. with over 31 years looking for only the best speciemens, we are getting closer To where I need to be..


Main Blood Lines,

Houbens,  Gaby Vandenabeele,   Jos Thone,  J V L lofts, L Heremans,

Jansen Van Loons,  New G Munnik,  Flor Engels,  G Koopman..


For I have also had the good fortune of having Mr Art Van Den Dungon as my mentor and very close freind, you may say it was a case of the sorcerer and the apprentice, with the skills gained from Him, I have had more luck in finding " super pigeons" and gaining top Results.

Also a challenging and testing point, and what I have turned Into a positive, has been I have allways raced to one of the longest Distances in the PRF fed.  To win from there, in tail winds and head Winds is my "challange," for which  I take that  on with "Drive" and "Energy".  In this thinking game it's the doing that count's. 

(Golden moments)   There have been a few The most moving was When invited  over to Sydney to spend a few days with  Jos Thone, this was a privlige and a great  honour,  Jos is a big inspiration to me.

Other special moments, were on two orcasions I have been given the Responsibility to select some of the best and most exspensive pigeons For my freinds, this I had taken on with great honour and pride..



"Cracker Jack "

Grand Son of World famous  Olympiade..


Sire of Wn 2010 2029 1st Club winner for Mr Tom Wills, also sire of 1st club Single bird Winner for Scott and Van Aalst,  in Perth Wa.  

"Cracker Jack" bred By "Jack Vanderlinden," from Australias  Biggest and best "Leo Heremans Stud"  Adelaide Premier   Lofts.. 




 " Best of The Best ''

"Judd"  Van Loon X Jansen,  PRF 05 13959 1st Fed Young Bird Derby 06 Wannoo  645km By 20 MTRS lead and 2nd place 80 km closer to Race point..

Birds from "Judd"  winning Australia wide..

A full brother to judd breeding winners in Africa also..






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