"2014"  QPF Fed Race 24th may westmar 336km.

1st HAZELWOOD & Jones, Dam from our lofts, 


1st fed Moora 197 km 46 flyers 379 birds, three on the drop/ 10 sent our lofts.. 

 "19th July "2014"

NRC Brisbane 3rd NRC 1st section, Hazelwood & Jones, BB Hen QPF 4769, bred from a son of Art X Blue Angel, one of the three Amigos..

full brother to the third Amigo, and  His sister Miss Rivervale, breeding Multiple top ten place birds in S.A.H.P.A for Mr A Cook & D Edwards..  



Son of Judd' Jansen Van loon breeds 1st YBDY winner for Peter Adams of Busselton Pigeon club, Both sire and dam were pigeons from our lofts well done peter..


SCPF BB H 12 1395,

Bred From two Van Aalst Pigeons..

3 times 1st club 3 times 1st Combine NRC two out right and one equal 1st combine,

also 3rd club 4th NRC, and second raffle ring race.

Bred by my long time friend John Russell and raced by Top Flyer Ray Tester NRC..  


 2013 References Van Aalst Pigeons Rain Supreme.

Mick Brown flying the two longest races of the year, with two times 2nd fed both races (Same Weekend)

2nd Fed Mt Newman 1000 Km from two stock birds From Van Aalst Lofts.. 

2nd fed Three Rivers 800 km from a bird sold in a race team..

Again well done Mick ..


New References.

NRC, Great Result from M Debono, Brisbane..

 YBD winner in the NRC winning 1st Club and 1st Open YBD. The winner is BBC, QPF-13-10814. He has been clocked 3 times this year for a 7th club, 2nd club and 1st YBD from Rockhampton 509klms. Winning velocity 1198.55. Another son was clocked earlier in the year but returned injured next start. He is now in stock together with the YBD winner.

The sire of 10814 is a 3/4 Gaby down off the Wittenbuik lines and 1/4 Janssen, from a inbred Gaby brought from van Aalst Lofts Keep up the good work Mick..


2013 references..

Fed club YBDY 6th fed, plus 1st Whatley Sires, bred from a race team for Mick Brown, Again well done Mick.. 

VPU Victoria 1st Hillston, P & G Kalaitzis 2nd fed, bred from two birds sold to Phil in a race team, well done Phil..   

Scot and Van Aalst,  partnership from 6 races, flown with a loft of only 30 birds,

1st Fed. 2nd Fed with 3 on the drop in the timer , and two 3rd feds as well ..


10/8/2013 Fed Y.B.D All Bird pools won with a G Munnik X Jos Thone, sold in a race team for Mick Brown, Well done Mick..


Van Aalst Lofts..

7/07/13 Main Race Morawa 372 km 98 flyers 1315 birds 13 from our lofts,

1st Fed, from a dtr of Art.. 

2nd sprint Wubin 284km  60 flyers 490 birds, 10 from our lofts, again 4 on the drop, 4th fed..  



2nd Sprint Wubin 284 Km 500 birds 61 flyers, 10 sent from our lofts,

4 on the drop in the timer 1st fed...... 



Main race Wubin 284 km,

4th Fed, 4 sent from our lofts ..  

2nd Sprint Bindi Bindi 224 Km, 1st fed 4 on the drop to win, 5 only sent from our loft.. 


16/06/13 another Super Weekend.  

Main Race  2nd Fed Wubin 284 km 109 flyers 1393 birds, 9 from our lofts..  

Sprint 1st Fed Bindi Bindi 224 km we had 4 on the drop to win..  55 flyers 488 birds, 10 from our lofts..

26/05/13 First races Race 1. 2nd  fed, Bindi Bindi 205 km 109 flyers 1257 birds two on the drop PRF 11 13450, SON of ART.. 1st sprint, nom race 1st fed sprint 13450.. 2nd sprint 1st fed, Gaby X Houben.. 

"Riverton 100 ''

20/05/13 Invitation Race Riverton 100. 195 km 10 sent 6 on the drop to win, Son of Art X Geert Munnik first in the loft winning all pools..


2013 References.


S.A.H.P.A Marla Open 3/10/2013   Owners:  98   Birds:  1925

From A dtr of My Champion stud Cock "ART" Houben Flor Engel, and "Blue Angel" all Flor Engels, sold to my friends Allan Cook & Dennis Edwards..

Is the dam of 3 of the top 10 birds S.A.H.P.A from Marla 962 km , when mated to two different sires super results guys..  





12649 SA12 










12575 SA12 













14848 SA11 







 " Gold coast 50,000"

Training Race from Chinchilla 290 km the winning bird with a huge lead of 25 minutes, from 500 birds sent, "Cobra" was bred by Alf Del Brocco, the Dam was from My Champion no 1 Flor Engels  hen "Blue Angel" dam of a long line of Super pigeons..  

We believe the Top Engels pigeons to be the Key Strain. 

"Blue  Angel" is also Dam of

"impresser" full sister to the dam of "Cobra"  

Son of ART, super racer and breeder .. 

Three amigo's, sires winners three States W.A  S.A  Qld ..

Grand Dam of $8000 "espresso"  6th Pigeon punt..

"Miss Rivervale " Winner Now top stock hen for, A Cook & D Edwards..

"Shlam " Pure Engels..

"De Pied" Pure Engels..

"De Witpenda.. "Sold "

 The 6 new Enforcements Full brothers to Son of ART,

 4 in the race lofts..


Latest News.. 2012

1st,  S.H.A.P.A, 04/8/12 Lyndhurst

Young Bird North Derby, YBC 4504 birds 227 owners.

For Mr Allen Cook & Dennis Edwards. 

Bred from a son of my famed Houben Stud Cock ART..

Sold to my good friends Mr A Cook and

Mr D Edwards.

Twice in for weeks.. 

1 st  S.A.H.P.A  7/7/12, 2ND HAWKER, 6411 Birds, 219 owners,

Again Bred from a son of my famed Houben Stud Cock ART..



Van Aalst lofts

17/6/2012 1st fed 211km (Sprint race)

583 birds, four on the drop.. 


28/7/2012 1st Fed 535km,1421 Birds.. 


 MR H, 8 th place australia, Sun City One Millon Dollar Race 2012.

The Dam PRF 08 13060, Bred from our  Gaby Van Denabeele Stock..

The best of the late Stud master Mr Keith Saggers, Lu Bros imports.

The best ever Australian result ..



Results up date..2011

Son of "ART" Sold to D Edwards and Mr A Cook, breeds the sires Race "winner" in the strong "Vites" Club S.A.H.P.A.. 2011.

Son of "ART" 29054 bred 7th $8000 in the Pigeon Punt 2011 for Dollys Pink Ladies Syndicate..

Dtr of "Art" breeds 3rd in "green ring race" in Centrel Cumberland.. WN 2029 10 , also wins 1st club 17th coffs harbour on the 6th Aug, For the master MrTom Wills who I bred her for..

Pure "Jos thone" wins 1st Adelaide pigeon club $5000 for Busselton boys, Steve King and myself own the sire and dam in a partnership..



Direct from the lofts of Van Aalst , son of "Judd" wins bird of the year NRC Brisbane for Mr W Jones 2010.. Another wins equal 1st NRC futurity by a staging 61 mtrs a minute for W Jones..

Larry Blake Sydney 2nd centrel cumberland 6447 birds  350 km  Gaby Van Denabeele 2010

Wayne Jones 1st NRC Brisbane same bird as last time all pools.. 2010

Wayne Jones, Brisbane first start 2nd club 35 members, with a hen from " Judd " van loon 20/06/10..  

2010 David Chaffer racing with 90 % pigeons from  Van Aalst lofts wins main and sprint races on 13/06/10 he only has young birds, club of 19 members.

Fer Winter, new flyer won 5, 1st club races, in the 18 member sound club in W.A racing 80% my stock in 2008.my old and booth and Jansen lines..

Alan hayley and wayde marland won most of the long distance races in the strong Bayswater club in 2008 racing 50 to 100 % Van Aalst pigeons my old lines.

Tony and Paul Demeco also clocking  and winning with Van Aalst pigeons van loons and Gabys 2008 ,2010 . 


First Results 2010, Rivervale invatation Cataby 200km 1st, with 4 on the drop, 10 sent from our lofts. Blood lines  Jos Thones, and houbens gabys and Judd Van Loons..

2010 PRF Sprint Series we finished 2nd over all..


17/05/09 invatation race Cataby 1st , 3 on the drop won all pools ,with a 59 metre a minite lead. lu bros houben 50 % Flor engels..

Top result Gained with a 25% houben 25% Flor Engel %50 % Prada Blue Jansen,  bird 1 st club, only bird home in that Club, 6th section 48 th, out of 300 plus members in Sydney in the young bird derby, for champion racer Ian Freeman..

" Stop the press Van Aalst " wins back to back PRF of Western Australia Sprirt Seires 20 races, two diffrent lines Three first  fed wins one second fed 2009.

David Van Aalst winner of PRF of Western Australia sprint series of 2008 8x1st fed

2009 again sprint series winner of the PRF of Western Australia.

2008 sprint series winner of the PRF of Western Australia 200 km to 540km races

2008 optional sprint winner of the PRF of Western Australia

8 x 1st feds 13x 1st club wins.

10 th best bird from Australia in grand averages in sun city millon dollar race 2008. van Loon 


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