Sold Out 2014.. 


NOW on Sale For 2014,

5 Races Teams Only..

Mobile 0403800690  

 Sold Out For 2013"


These will be our Best teams ever..  


Ready Nov To Jan  


"Race teams" 

 all sold 011,012,013  8 X young birds, some pure some crossed..

from 1st and 2nd round,we believe these to be some of the best on the market today..

Why our Van Aalst Race Teams..

We are a boutique stud ,

We source out the best animals only, not just fad family's or pedigree's, but the best specimens amongst them.

plus our birds are winning all over Australia for others.

Van Aalst pigeons have the longest race every week, 80 to 90 km longer than front markers and still gain excellent results..

blood lines. 

Van Aalst Houbens, the golden blood lines..

Leo Heremans from  my good friend Mr Jack Van Derlinden..

Geert Munnik Super fast ..

World Famous Jos Thones..

Some of Best of Lu bros Gaby Van Denabeeles, Car winner, and dam line of 8th Sun City..

The Sun City Lines..

Judd, Jansen Van Loon.

231 Flor Engels, all round Ace family ..


$1000 Plus $100 freight..

$200 deposit for bookings call or email..

Ph 0895828947   





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