Taking Orders for our Dirk Van Den Bulck

Birds limited numbers 0403800690

Over the coming weeks,

We will be listing birds on here at fixed prices ,

watch this space...

Lot 2

PRF 2015 1957 cock line ART Houben..

Grandson ART from 54 , dam full sister lot 5

Houben X Heremans

Lot 2 For sale $1000.

Call 0403800690 

For Sale Lot 1

Direct SON of ART,

PRF 12 19674 , full brother to Mr Allan Cook & Mr Dennis Edwards , base stud Cock , responsible for countless SAHPA wins and placing's

again this week 1st SAHPA down from ART again. for Cook and Edwards ...

full sister to 19674 , breeds 1st FYBDY 2018 for Dave Chaffer here in WA..

Winners Winners Winners ..

LOT 1 is for sale at $3000..

 call 0403800690



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